How to Optimise Your Website For Lead Generation

In this episode, I explain the lead generation process and the steps to optimise your websie to generate leads.

How to Create Your Customer Profile

One of the most important parts of any business is understanding who your customer is. Customer profiles are “customer types,” which are created to represent the typical users of a product or service, and are used to help make customer-focused decisions without confusing the scope of the project with personal opinion. Here’s what you need to know when creating your own customer profile.

10 Business Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Women have long been underrepresented in entrepreneurship, but that trend is shifting now. To help other female entrepreneurs who find it challenging to access other woman role models with personal experience, I created this video. Here are my ten tips to get started.

How to choose audience in facebook ads- Facebook paid ads

Do you want to improve your Facebook ad targeting?

Interested in learning more about the audiences you’re already reaching? then you need to watch this video.

What is digital marketing?

If you are just getting started with digital marketing, then this video is for you.