Why I became Vegan

People become vegan for so many reasons. But for me, it was about eliminating foods out of my diet that my body doesn’t like. It was about putting things into my body that would make me feel good and help me to live my best life.

Vegans don’t eat products that come from animal source. For me, that means I don’t eat dairy and animal-based protein (like eggs and meat). Also let me point out that vegans don’t have to be ‘strict’. I believe like any other lifestyle change, this is about what works best for the individual, for the environment, for the animals and it is also about living your best life.
Growing up, I didn’t really think about my weight. I cheered in middle and high school and just didn’t think too much about it in college, I was always a skinny person. Post giving birth to my baby girl Kenzie, though, I gained so much weight. I ate more, I was stressed and not happy with the way I looked or how I feel about my body, and looked up one day and decided to do something about it.
salad and organic food
what I eat pretty much
This is where it all started, my story from going vegetarian, to plant based and being completely vegan… the whole process was a transition that took 6 months.
I am very passionate about veganism and animal rights, and about healthy eating, you can find all about my vegan lifestyle and my recipes on my foodie account on instagram Vegan_Rima.